Quality Management

Quality management builds your clients’ confidence in you. Targeted monitoring parallel to processing doesn’t just meet increasing expectations: it also improves your productivity, ensures product quality, reduces costs by identifying errors early and even increases the attentiveness of your employees and suppliers. Our goal is to ensure the high quality requirements of our clients.

As your reliable partner we provide you with controlled quality and transparency and thereby guarantee the necessary overview of the overall production process.

Customer satisfaction means recognised quality.

SCRIPTECH achieves the necessary quality with a holistic approach. We use this method to work for our clients and suppliers.

Our teams are specialised in using your knowledge and skills efficiently and qualitatively – from planning, development, production and market launch to series and market management. Our services include: software Reflash, Retrofit, control and reworking, complaint management, quality management, quality control, start-up management and overall project coordination and project monitoring for extensive final reporting.

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Recalls in Germany

2014 +63%
2013 +36%
2012 720TSD

In 2014 there were more recalled cars than ever before.
Measuring the relationship between newly licensed and recalled cars, the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) calculated that the recall rate has increased from 36% to 63% in the last year.

“The mostly safety-related recalls coming to light are just the tip of the iceberg” according to their study. Car manufacturers that are active around the world must now deal with far-reaching problems. “Essentially, in many places the manufacturers’ quality management systems must be adapted to the new global product development and product processes.”(Source: sueddeutsche.de)

The most common defects

Insassenschutz 41%
Karosserie 27%
Elektrik/Elektronik 8%

The causes are obvious
For one, vehicles are becoming more and more complex while development cycles get shorter. Also, subcontractors are taking on an ever larger proportion of value creation.

At the moment, around 75 percent of a car is built by subcontractors. The manufacturers themselves are practically reduced to managers. The requirements of quality management have fundamentally changed as a result.

We support you with our holistic project and quality management for your product throughout your production process.

To our Services

Software Reflash
We can flash control units both in and outside of the vehicle.

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Vehicle conversion; rebuilding procedures before dispatching the vehicles.

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Control & Rework
100% merchandise control and, where needed, reworking according to specific instructions.

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